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                      Schools damaged by bombing, shelling and military attacks in the NORTH
                          (Information received by TCHR - prepared in DIVISION sequence - April 2004)
No Names of School Place Division Caused Renovotion
1 Ananda Vid Nallur Jaffna Fully Partially
2 Ariyalai East GTMS Ariyalai Jaffna Fully
3 Barathybasha Vidialayam Town Jaffna Fully
4 Canagaratnam Mmv Jaffna Jaffna Fully Partially
5 Central College Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
6 Chandraothaya Vid Urumpirai Jaffna Fully Partially
7 Chundikuli Girls College Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
8 Columbuthurai St. Joseph Vid Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
9 Gnanothaya Vid Nallur  Jaffna Partially Partially
10 Gurunathasamy Vidialayam Anaipanthy Jaffna Fully
11 Hindu College Jaffna Jaffna Partially
12 Hindu College Kondavil Jaffna Partially
13 Hindu College Urumpirai Jaffna Fully Partially
14 Hindu Ladies Primary School Jaffna Jaffna Fully Partially
15 Hindu M.V Colombuthurai  Jaffna Partially Partially
16 Hindu M.V Kondavil Jaffna Fully Partially
17 Holy Family Convent Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
18 Kallady MMTMS Kallady Jaffna Fully Partially
19 Kalviankadu HTMS KalvianKadu Jaffna Partially Partially
20 Kasipillai Vid Nallur Jaffna Fully Partially
21 Katheeja Maha Vidialayam Town Jaffna Fully
22 Maheswary Vid Nayanmarkaddu Jaffna Fully Partially
23 Mazarudeen GMMS Town Jaffna Fully
24 Mohamadeeja Muslim Girls School Town Jaffna Fully
25 Muthuthamby Mv Jaffna Jaffna Fully Partially
26 Nallur Station CCTMS Nallur  Jaffna Fully Partially
27 Namasivaya Vid Koddady  Jaffna Fully Partially
28 Navanthurai RCTMS Navanthurai Jaffna Fully Partially
29 Osmaniya Muslim College Town Jaffna Fully
30 Pommaiveli GMMS Pommavelli Jaffna Fully
31 Poompuhar GTMS Ariyalai Jaffna Fully
32 Ramakrishna Vid Kondavil Jaffna Partially Partially
33 Saiva Tamil Vid Urumpirai Jaffna Partially
34 Saivapirakasa Vidialayam Kantharmadam Jaffna Partially Partially
35 Saivapragasa Vid Kantharmadam Jaffna Partially
36 Saivatamil Vidialayam Urumpirai Jaffna Fully Partially
37 Senguntha Hindu College Jaffna Jaffna Fully Partially
38 Sinhala Mathiya Maha Vidialayam Town Jaffna Fully
39 Sri Barwathy Vid  Ariyalai Jaffna Fully Partially
40 Sri Parvathy Vidialayam Ariyalai Jaffna Fully
41 Sri Vigneswara Vidialayam Nallur South Jaffna Fully Partially
42 St. Antony's Girls School Passayoor Jaffna Fully Partially
43 St. Benedict Vid Nallur Jaffna Fully Partially
44 St. Charles M.V Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
45 St. James Boys School Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
46 St. James Girls School Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
47 St. John's College Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
48 St. Jospeh Vid Colombuthurai  Jaffna Partially
49 St. Mary's Vid Jaffna Jaffna Fully Partially
50 St. Patrick's College Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
51 St. Roches Vid Jaffna Jaffna Fully Partially
52 St. Theressa Girls College Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
53 Thirunalvely RCTMS Thirunelvely Jaffna Partially
54 Thirunelvely RCTMS Thirunelvely Jaffna Fully Partially
55 Thuraiappah Vid Columbuthurai  Jaffna Fully Partially
56 Urumpirai RCTMS Urumpirai Jaffna Partially Partially
57 Vaitheeswara College Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
58 Vannai GMMS Vannai West Jaffna Fully
59 Vembady Girls College Jaffna Jaffna Partially Partially
60 Allippalai RCTMS Allippalai Kilinochchi Fully
61 Barathy Vidialayam Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Partially
62 Central College Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Fully
63 Cheddiyakurichy GTMS Cheddiyakurichy Kilinochchi Partially
64 Elephantpass GTMS Elephantpass Kilinochchi Fully
65 Ganesha Vidialayam Soranpattu Kilinochchi Partially
66 Gavutharymunai GTMS Gavutharimunai Kilinochchi Partially
67 Gnanimadam GTMS Gnanimadam Kilinochchi Partially
68 Hindu College Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Fully
69 Hindu Primary School Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Fully
70 Iranaithevu RCTMS Iranaithevu Kilinochchi Fully
71 Kanakampigaikulam GTMS Kanakampigaikulam Kilinochchi Partially
72 Kanakapuram MV Kanakapuram Kilinochchi Partially
73 Kandavalai MV Kandavalai Kilinochchi Fully
74 Kannagaiyamman Vid Thadduvankoddy Kilinochchi Partially
75 Kilali RCTMS Kilali Kilinochchi Fully
76 Kilinochchi MV Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Fully
77 Koyilvayal RCTS Koyilvayal Kilinochchi Partially
78 Madduvilnadu GTMS Madduvilnadu Kilinochchi Partially
79 Murasumoddai GTMS Murasumoddai Kilinochchi Partially
80 Muruganantha MV Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Partially
81 Muthukumarasamy GTMS Atthai Kilinochchi Fully
82 Nallur MV Pooneriyan Kilinochchi Fully
83 Palai RCTMS Palai Kilinochchi Fully
84 Pallavarayankaddu GTMS Pallavarayankaddu Kilinochchi Fully
85 Paramankirai GTMS Paramankirai Kilinochchi Partially
86 Paranthan GTMS Paranthan Kilinochchi Fully
87 Paranthan HMV Paranthan Kilinochchi Fully
88 Patima RCTMS Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Partially
89 Pooneriyan MV Pooneriyan Kilinochchi Fully
90 Punnankandi GTMS Punnankandi Kilinochchi Partially
91 Saivapathakalaiyakam GTMS Kilinotchi Kilinochchi Partially
92 Santhapuram GTMS Santhapuram Kilinochchi Partially
93 Selvanagar GTMS Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Fully
94 Sinhala Maha Vidialayam Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Fully
95 Sivanagar GTMS Urithirapuram Kilinochchi Fully
96 Soranpattu RCTMS Soranpattu Kilinochchi Partially
97 St. Antony's RCTMS Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Partially
98 St. Theressa Girls College Kilinochchi Kilinochchi Fully
99 Tharmakkerny GTMS Tharmakkerny Kilinochchi Fully
100 Thiruvaiyaru MV Thiruvaiyaru Kilinochchi Partially
101 Umaiyalpuram GTMS Umaiyalpuram Kilinochchi Fully
102 Uruthirapuram MV Uruthirapuram Kilinochchi Fully
103 Utuppulam GTMS Utuppulam Kilinochchi Partially
104 Vembelukerny GTMS Vembelukerny Kilinochchi Partially
105 Vigneswara MV Puthumurippu Kilinochchi Fully
106 Vinasiyodai GTMS Vinasiyodai Kilinochchi Fully
107 Arulananthy Vid Thoppu Kopay Fully Partially
108 Atchellu MMTMS Atchellu Kopay Fully
109 Atchuvely  M.V Atchuvely Kopay Partially Partially
110 Atchuvely  North RCTMS Atchuvely Kopay HSZ-Partial
111 Atchuvely MV Atchuvely Kopay Partially
112 Attiyar Hindu College Neervely Kopay Fully Partially
113 CCTMS Irupalai Kopay Partially
114 Christian College Kopay Kopay Partially Partially
115 Ganesha Vidialayam Urelu Kopay Fully Partially
116 Idaikadu M.V Idaikadu Kopay Fully Partially
117 Irupalai CCTMS Irupalai Kopay Partially Partially
118 Kopay M.V Kopay Kopay Fully Partially
119 Kopay North CCTMS Kopay North Kopay Fully
120 Kopay North RCTMS Kopay Kopay Fully Partially
121 Kopay South RCTMS Kopay Kopay Fully Partially
122 Mahajana Vidialayam Avarangal Kopay Fully Partially
123 Nadarajaramalinga Vidialayam Avarangal Kopay Fully Partially
124 Navalar Vid Kopay Kopay Partially Partially
125 Navatkiri AMTMS Navatkiri Kopay Fully Partially
126 Neervely CCTMS Neervely Kopay Fully Partially
127 Neervely RCTMS Neervely Kopay Partially Partially
128 Neervely South HTMS Neervely Kopay Partially Partially
129 Pootharmadam GTMS Pootharmadam Kopay Fully
130 Puttur MMTMS Puttur Kopay Fully
131 Ramupillai Vid Karanthan Kopay Fully Partially
132 Ratneswary Vid Pathameni Kopay Fully Partially
133 Saivapirakasa Vidialayam Atchellu Kopay Fully
134 Saivapragasa Vid Atchellu Kopay Partially Partially
135 Saraswathy Vidialayam Atchuvely Kopay Fully Partially
136 Saravanapavanantha Vidialayam Kopay Kopay Fully Partially
137 Sirupiddy GTMS Sirupiddy Kopay Fully Partially
138 Sirupiddy HTMS Sirupiddy Kopay Partially Partially
139 Skandaverl Vid Kopay Kopay Partially Partially
140 Skandaverl Vidialaym Kopay South Kopay Fully
141 Sri Panjeeha Vid Puttur Kopay Fully Partially
142 Sri Somaskanda College Puttur Kopay Partially Partially
143 Sri Vipasi Vidialayam Atchuvely Kopay HSZ-Partial
144 Sri Vishnu Vidialayam Puthakallady Kopay Partially Partially
145 Subramaniya Vid Kathiripai Kopay Fully Partially
146 Aandankulam RCTMS Aandankulam Mannar Partially
147 Adampan MMV Adampan Mannar Partially
148 Iranaiiluppaikulam GTMS Iranaiiluppaikulam Mannar Partially
149 Kaddaiyadampan Kaddaiyadampan Mannar Fully
150 Kakkayankulam Muslim MV Kakkayankulam Mannar Partially
151 Karunkndal RCTMS Karunkandal Mannar Partially
152 Keirisuddan RCTMS Keirisuddan Mannar Partially
153 Koorai GTMS Koorai Mannar Partially
154 Marathykannaddy RCTMS Madu Mannar Partially
155 Mullikulam GTMS Mullikulam Mannar Partially
156 Palaiyadiputhukulam RCTMS Madu Mannar Partially
157 Palakkuly RCTMS Madu Mannar Partially
158 Pappamoddai RCTMS Pappamoddai Mannar Partially
159 Parappankandal RCTMS Parappankandal Mannar Partially
160 Parappukkadanthan RCTMS Patrappukkadanthan Mannar Partially
161 Periyakunjukkulam Periyakunjukkulam Mannar Partially
162 Periyamadu MV Madu Mannar Partially
163 Periyamurippu GTMS Periyamurippu Mannar Partially
164 Sri Navatkulam Sri Navatkulam Mannar Partially
165 St. Joseph Vas MV Vidathalthevu Mannar Partially
166 Thirukkeethesvaram Thirukkeethesvaram Mannar Partially
167 Vaddakkandal GTMS Vaddakkandal Mannar Partially
168 Vilathikkulam GTMS Vilathikkulam Mannar Partially
169 Allarai GTMS Allarai Thenmarachchy Partially
170 Amarican Mission Tamil School Madduvil South Thenmarachchy Minor
171 Amirthambigai Vidialayam Nunavil East Thenmarachchy Partially
172 Central College Palai Thenmarachchy Fully
173 Gurusamy Vidialayam Kaithaddy Thenmarachchy Minor
174 Hindu College Chavakachcheri Thenmarachchy Fully
175 Hindu Primary School Chavakachcheri Thenmarachchy Fully
176 Iyakkachi GTMS Iyakkachi Thenmarachchy Fully
177 Kachchai GTMS Kachchai Thenmarachchy Partially
178 Kaithaddy Navatkuli GTMS Kaithaddy Navatkuli Thenmarachchy Partially
179 Kaithaddy Nuffield School Kaithaddy Thenmarachchy Partially
180 Kaithaddy Nunavil GTMS Kaithaddy Nunavil Thenmarachchy Minor
181 Kalaivani Vidialayam Kaithaddy Thenmarachchy Fully
182 Kamalasini Maha Vidiyalam Madduvil Thenmarachchy Partially
183 Kamalasini Vidialayam Viddathatpallai Thenmarachchy Partially
184 Kodikamam GTMS Kodikamam Thenmarachchy Partially
185 Ladies College Chavakachcheri Thenmarachchy Fully
186 Maazar GTMS Maazar Thenmarachchy Fully
187 Madduvil North GTMS Madduvil North Thenmarachchy Partially
188 Mahaluxumy Vidialayam Kovilakandi Thenmarachchy Fully
189 Mugamalai GTMS Mugamalai Thenmarachchy Fully
190 Mukavil GTMS Mukavil Thenmarachchy Fully
191 Muthukumarrasamy Maha Vidiyalam Kaithaddy Thenmarachchy Partially
192 Naavatkuli Maha Vidiyalam Naavatkuli Thenmarachchy Fully
193 Nunavil West GTMS Nunavil Thenmarachchy Fully
194 Ramanathan Maha Vidiyalam Usan Thenmarachchy Partially
195 Roman cathalic Tamil School Chavakachcheri Thenmarachchy Fully
196 Saanthanayagi Vidialayam Madduvil Thenmarachchy Minor
197 Santhiramovly Vidialayam Madduvil Thenmarachchy Partially
198 Santhirapura Skanthavarothoya Maha Vidiyalam Madduvil Thenmarachchy Partially
199 Sarasvathy Vidiyalam Madduvil Thenmarachchy Partially
200 Saraswathy Vidialayam Sarasalai Thenmarachchy Fully
201 Sathiyamman Vidialayam Chavakachcheri Thenmarachchy Fully
202 Sethukavalar Vidialayam Kaithaddy Thenmarachchy Partially
203 Sri Ganesa Vidialayam Sarasalai Thenmarachchy Partially
204 Thirunavukarasar Maha Vidiyalam Kodikamam Thenmarachchy Partially
205 Treberk College Chavakachcheri Thenmarachchy Fully
206 Urani Junior school Urani Thenmarachchy HSZ
207 Veerasingam Maha Vidiyalam Meesalai Thenmarachchy Fully
208 Victoria College Chavakachcheri Thenmarachchy Fully
209 Vigneswara  Vidialayam Kaithaddy Thenmarachchy Fully
210 Vigneswara Maha Vidiyalam Meesalai Thenmarachchy Partially
211 Aliyavalai CCTMS Aliyavalai Vadamarachy Fully
212 Cithampara College Valvetithurai Vadamarachy HSZ-Partial
213 Hartly College Point-Pedro Vadamarachy HSZ-Partial
214 Kaddaikadu RCTMS Kaddaikadu Vadamarachy Fully
215 Kevil GTMS Kevil Vadamarachy Fully
216 Mamunai GTMS Mamunai Vadamarachy Fully
217 Maruthankerny TMS Maruthankerny Vadamarachy Fully
218 Methodist Girls College Point-Pedro Vadamarachy HSZ-Partial
219 Nagarkovil GTMS Nagarkovil Vadamarachy HSZ-Fully
220 Nagarkovil MV Nagarkovil Vadamarachy HSZ-Fully
221 Nelliyady MMV Nelliyady Vadamarachy HSZ-Partial
222 Parameswara Vithiyalayam Vethilaikerny Vadamarachy Fully
223 Pokkaruppu GTMS Pokkaruppu Vadamarachy HSZ-Fully
224 Sempiyanpatu GTMS Sempiyanpatu Vadamarachy Fully
225 Sempiyanpatu RCTMS Sempiyanpatu Vadamarachy Fully
226 Sinnathamby Vithiyalayam Alvai Vadamarachy HSZ-Partial
227 Sithivinayagar Vithiyalayam Point-Pedro Vadamarachy HSZ-Partial
228 Thalaiyady RCTMS Thalaiyady Vadamarachy Fully
229 Uduppiddy Amarican Mison College Uduppiddy Vadamarachy HSZ-Partial
230 Uduppiddy Girls College Uduppiddy Vadamarachy HSZ-Partial
231 Uduthurai MV Uduthurai Vadamarachy Fully
232 Valvetithurai RCTMS Valvetithurai Vadamarachy HSZ-Partial
233 Vethilaikerny RCTMS Vethilaikerny Vadamarachy Fully
234 Kollankaladdy Saiva JMS Kollankaladdy Valigamam East HSZ
235 Oddugapulam GTMS Oddugapulam Valigamam East HSZ
236 Palaly GTMS Palaly Valigamam East HSZ
237 Palaly North GTMS Palaly Valigamam East HSZ
238 Periyavilan RCTMS Periyavilan Valigamam East Minor
239 Pon Paramanatha MV Kurumapachiddi Valigamam East HSZ
240 Punnalaikadduvan AMTMS Punnalaikadduvan Valigamam East HSZ
241 Punnalaikadduvan HTMS Punnalaikadduvan Valigamam East HSZ
242 Sithivinayagar Vithiyalayam Palaly Valigamam East HSZ
243 Varuthalaivilaan AMJMS (Move to Ramanthan) Varuthalaivilaan Valigamam East HSZ
244 Varuthalaivilaan RCTMS Varuthalaivilaan Valigamam East HSZ
245 Vasavilan MMV (Move to a hut) Vasavilan Valigamam East HSZ
246 Vasavilan RCTMS Vasavilan Valigamam East HSZ
247 Arunothaya College Myliddy West Valigamam North HSZ-Partial
248 Kalaimagal (Move to a private house) Myliddy Valigamam North HSZ
249 Kankesanthurai MMV (Move to Ramanathan) Kankesanthurai Valigamam North HSZ
250 Kankesanthurai RCTMS Kankesanthurai Valigamam North HSZ
251 Mahajana College Telippalai Valigamam North Fully
252 Mallakam MV Mallakam Valigamam North Partially
253 Mavidapuram East RCTMS Mavidapuram Valigamam North HSZ
254 Mavidapuram North RCTMS Mavidapuram Valigamam North HSZ
255 Myliddy RCTMS (Move to private house) Myliddy Valigamam North HSZ
256 Nadeswara College (Move to Skanthvarothoya) Kankesanthurai Valigamam North HSZ
257 Nadeswara Junior School(Move to Kanthiah MV) Kankesanthurai Valigamam North HSZ
258 Naguleswarer MV (Move to a private house) Kerimalai Valigamam North HSZ
259 Saivapragasa Vid Telippalai Valigamam North Minor
260 Sinhala MMV Kankesanthurai Valigamam North HSZ
261 Thaiddy Ganesha Vithiyalayam Thaiddy Valigamam North HSZ
262 Thaiddy Sivagurunathar Thaiddy Valigamam North HSZ
263 Thanthai Celva Primary School Telippalai Valigamam North Partially
264 Union College Telippalai Valigamam North Partially
265 Valalai AMTMS Valalai Valigamam North HSZ-Fully
266 Vigneswara Vid Vatharawatha Valigamam North Fully Partially
267 Vimankamam MV (Move Ramanathan college) Vimankamma Valigamam North HSZ
268 Central College Innuvil Valigamam West Partially
269 Elalai MV Elalai Valigamam West Partially
270 Elalai North MV Elalai Valigamam West Fully
271 Hindu College Pandatharippu Valigamam West Partially
272 Hindu College Sandilipay Valigamam West Minor
273 Holy Rosary Vid Uduvil Valigamam West Fully
274 Ilavalai RC Boy's School Ilavalai Valigamam West Minor
275 Jasintha RTMS Pandatharippu Valigamam West Partially
276 Kaddupulam GTMS Kaddupulam Valigamam West Minor
277 Kaddupulam MV Kaddupulam Valigamam West Partially
278 Ladies College Pandatharippu Valigamam West Partially
279 Navaly South AMTMS Navaly Valigamam West Fully
280 Nunasai MV (Move to St. Joseph) Mathagal Valigamam West HSZ
281 Ramanathan College Uduvil Valigamam West Partially
282 Sillalai RCTMS Sillalai Valigamam West Partially
283 Sitpa Pandatharippu Valigamam West Partially
284 Sri Kanagasabai Vid Ponnalai Valigamam West Minor
285 Subramaniyam Vid Maarisankoodal Valigamam West Minor
286 Subramaniyam Vid Vaddukodai Valigamam West Minor
287 Thiruvadynillai Saiva TMS Thiruvaddynillai Valigamam West HSZ
288 Urelu CCTMS Urellu Valigamam West Fully
289 Victoria College Chullipuram Valigamam West Partially
290 Aalankulam GTMS Aalankulam   Vavuniya Partially
291 Aaylady GTMS Aaylady Vavuniya Partially
292 Alakalpoddakulam Notchykulam No:1 GTMS Notchykulam Vavuniya Partially
293 Anantharpuliyankulam GTMS Anantharpuliyankulam Vavuniya Partially
294 ArumugathaanPuthukulam GTMS Puthukulam Vavuniya Partially
295 Barathy Vidialayam Sinnaadampan Vavuniya Partially
296 Central College Omanthai  Vavuniya Partially
297 Hindu College Puliyamkulam Vavuniya Partially
298 Ilamaruthankulam GTMS Ilamaruthankulam Vavuniya Partially
299 Kanakarayankulam MV Kanakarayankulam Vavuniya Partially
300 Karapukkuthy GTMS Karapukuthy Vavuniya Partially
301 Katkulam GTMS Katkulam Vavuniya Partially
302 Kollarpuliyankulam GTMS Puliyankulam Vavuniya Partially
303 Koramoddai GTMS Koramoddai Vavuniya Partially
304 Kovilkunjukulam GTMS Kovilkunjukulam Vavuniya Partially
305 Kulavisuddan GTMS Kulavisuddan Vavuniya Partially
306 Kurisuddakulam GTMS Kurisuddakulam Vavuniya Partially
307 Maatharpanikkar Makilankulam GTMS Makilankulam Vavuniya Partially
308 Mannakulam GTMS Mannakulam Vavuniya Partially
309 Maraiyadithakulam GTMS Maraiyadithakulam Vavuniya Partially
310 Marayiluppaikulam GTMS Marayiluppaikulam Vavuniya Partially
311 Nainamadu GTMS Nainamadu Vavuniya Partially
312 Navajothy Vid Vingnankulam Vavuniya Partially
313 Nedunkerny MV Nedunkerny Vavuniya Partially
314 Notchykulam No: 2 GTMS Notchykulam Vavuniya Partially
315 Olumadu GTMS Nedunkerny Vavuniya Partially
316 Paddadaipirinthakulam Paddadaipirinthakulam Vavuniya Partially
317 Paddikkudiyruppu GTMS Paddikkudiyruppu Vavuniya Partially
318 Panamoddai GTMS Panamoddai Vavuniya Partially
319 Pandaravanniyan GTMS Mankulam Vavuniya Partially
320 Pandithamany Vid Puthukulam Vavuniya Partially
321 Pantrikkeithakulam GTMS Pantrikkeithakulam Vavuniya Partially
322 Periyaadampan GTMS Periyaadampan Vavuniya Partially
323 Periyakulam GTMS Kanakarayankulam Vavuniya Partially
324 Periyamadu GTMS Nedunkerny Vavuniya Partially
325 Periyamadu GTMS Panikkaniraviyadi Vavuniya Partially
326 Poothur GTMS Poothur  Vavuniya Partially
327 Puthuvilankulam GTMS Puthuvilankulam Vavuniya Partially
328 Selvavinayagar Viddiyalyam Sannaciparanthan Vavuniya Partially
329 Semamadu No: 2 GTMS Semamadu Vavuniya Partially
330 Senaipilavu GTMS Senaipilavu Vavuniya Partially
331 Shanmuganantha MV Semamadu Vavuniya Partially
332 Sinnapuvarasankulam  MV Sinnapuvarasankulam Vavuniya Partially
333 Srivani Viddiyalyam Navi Vavuniya Partially
334 Thaninayagam Adikalar Vid Ramanoour Vavuniya Partially
335 Vedarmakilankulam GTMS Vedarmakilankulam Vavuniya Partially
336 Vedivaithakal GTMS Vedivaithakal Vavuniya Partially
337 Velankulam GTMS Velankulam Vavuniya Partially
338 Vilakkuvaithakulam GTMS Sinnakulam Vavuniya Partially
339 Vivekanantha Viddiyalyam Mathiyamadu Vavuniya Partially
Jaffna                              =   59
Killinochchi                     =   46
Kopay                              =   39
Mannar                            =   23
Thenmarachchy              =   42
Vadamarachchy              =   23 
Valigamam East              =   13
Valigamam North            =   21
Valigamam West             =   22
Vavuniya                         =   51
Total                                = 339